Snowy Weekends

Sunday, March 8, 2015

As I've gotten older, I've realized how much more laid back our weekends have become.

While we still like to party here and there, it seems our habits have dramatically changed. A few years ago, our Friday nights (and Saturday nights, too) almost always involved a giant bar tab, some loud night club, and a bedtime no earlier than 2:00am.

Maybe it's because we've matured a little (or we're just more fiscally responsible and don't handle hangovers as well) but I have really come to love our relatively quiet Friday nights in.

This past Friday, on a whim, we decided to build a big bonfire and invite a couple of friends over to enjoy some hot dogs, beer, and s'mores outside. While it was only 19 degrees out, it was so much fun keeping warm and toasty by the fire, having a couple of drinks, and just generally enjoying the peace and quiet that snow storms bring.

It was incredibly relaxing under the stars on such a clear night. And we even had our own "natural" cooler to keep our beer and wine chilled! Although, after a while, it started to freeze which we thought was a good sign to go inside.

I know that winter is coming to an end soon, what with daylight savings starting and all, and I'm definitely not upset about it, but I have to say, I could get used to mixing a little summertime with our snow days!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. That is definitely a good Friday night!

    1. Agreed! I can't wait for the real campfire season to start!

  2. The bonfire is so pretty! And I love the "natural" cooler. :)

    I don't even remember the last time I ran up a bar tab on a Friday night. I've been old for a looooong time. :)

  3. We absolutely love our snow days. Brian and I decided we were too old for the party scene ages ago! haha love love love the bonfire! Would love to have one! :)