The Things Money Can't Buy

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"As you get older, you find out that true happiness is not in how much money you make or how many degrees you have or how big your house is or how fancy your car is. It's finding peace and joy and a calmness in your life that will soon become the most important thing to you. Your family is what matters to you, love is what matters to you. Things that are of quality, not of quantity."

The photos above are totally random, I know, but they mean so much to me that I had to find a way to include them on my blog.

Despite February and March being some of the nastiest and most exhausting winter months, they also happen to hold the birthdays of two of my favorite people - my mom and dad.

Most years, I am totally worn out around this time and I think my parents typically share that sentiment since we usually only do something small to celebrate. There's no big presents or trips or parties. There's not really much hoopla at all. Only a small cake and a home cooked meal is all we really do to mark the occasion. It's not that their birthdays aren't significant or special, we just always kind of go through the motions and watch as another year quietly slips away.

This year, while the size of our celebrations remained the same, somehow, they felt so much bigger and the moments so much richer.

Maybe it's because over the past couple of years we've really started to understand just how short life is and how important family, friends, love, and laughter truly are. Maybe it's because of my grandparents' failing health that serves as a constant reminder to treat every moment we're breathing as if it could be our last. Maybe it's because we are so incredibly lucky to have some of our good friends who had moved away ten years ago back in our lives and it brought back all of those sweet memories of my childhood.

Maybe it's all of those things.

Regardless, these last few weeks have been so special to me.

I'll never forget laughing ourselves to tears, sharing our favorite meals together, telling stories and reminiscing, having maybe a little too much wine, and making these memories. I feel so incredibly rich and immensely fortunate to have so many special people in my life. I hope that I can continue to grow in gratitude and remind myself that love is and always will be spelled t-i-m-e not s-t-u-f-f.


  1. Yes, love is the most important thing ever! Loved this post!

    1. It truly, truly is! Thanks so much! :)

  2. This is just the sweetest thing every!