Friday Funnies

Friday, April 3, 2015


I hope that you're having a fabulous day! I've got a long weekend of studying ahead of me, but I'm super excited that Easter is this weekend, too! We are planning on getting together with a bunch of family and friends at my parents' house for dinner and games after church. I can't wait to see everyone and take a break from schoolwork for a bit!

Since I am totally and completely overwhelmed and exhausted by school and work - I'm sure after this long week many others are feeling the same way - I will leave you with nothing other than this hilarious short.

I saw it a few months ago and died laughing because this is totally something that I would do. Well, the wine-drinking and joke-telling part. Not the super creative turning-it-into-an-animated-video part.

Anyway, I felt like I needed a laugh today, so if you feel like you do too, check it out!

"Two Chips" / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo