Three Whole Years

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Today is our third wedding anniversary. 

It's crazy to even type that! It's so hard to believe that three years have already passed since the day we vowed forever in front of our closest family and friends. Every time September rolls around, I'm filled with so many emotions remembering our big day.

For us, September 22, 2012 was steeped in overwhelming excitement, the deepest love, endless laughter, and the most sincere joy. The entire day was beautiful from start to finish and we feel so incredibly blessed every time we look back on it to have been able to share it all with the most loving friends and family on the planet.

Over these first three years of our marriage, both Mike and I have had to do a lot of growing up. From graduating college and entering the "real working world" to getting married and buying a house, we've made a lot of changes. And during all of this transition, we've had a lot of curve balls thrown our way. We've lost beloved family members and seen others fall ill. We've felt helpless at times watching our parents try to juggle overwhelming stress and responsibility while also trying to figure out how to deal with our own. We've had our own share of struggles both physically and emotionally. We've missed deadlines and forgotten to pay bills. We've lost our patience. We've had fights and said things that we probably shouldn't. We've made our share of mistakes.

But while there's been some tough times, we've also been lucky enough to enjoy plenty of sweet moments, too. We've celebrated our own major milestones - birthdays and promotions, as well as those of our friends and family. We've gone on trips across the country, adopted our first little fur baby, worked on making our house a home, and made many great memories together. We've learned how and when to say "I'm sorry" and the true definition of compromise. We've found the importance in taking time to slow down and appreciate just being with one another.

Throughout all of this, we've only grown closer. All of the ups and downs have helped us to realize how much we truly value one another, how much we truly need one another, and how there's no one else we'd want standing beside us through it all.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Mikey! I love you to the moon and back.


  1. Happy anniversary to both of you! These pictures are gorgeous. :-)

  2. Happy anniversary!! Your photos are beautiful. The navy accents and dresses, to the adorable photo of you twirling. I love it all!

    1. Thank you so much Macy!! Mike and I actually took dance lessons to choreograph our first dance and I had so much fun spinning around in that dress!