Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy (belated) New Year! I can't believe we are already nearly a week into 2016! Where does the time go? They say the years start flying by the older you get, but man... time needs to slow down just a little.

Sorry for the blurry photo. I blame the bubbly.

We spent our New Year's celebrating on the shores of the Atlantic in Ocean City with Mike's family. It was completely different from anything we've done in the past and since 2015 was such a rollercoaster of a year for us, we were glad to get out and do something different from the norm.

We stayed at the Carousel ocean side and got a couple of rooms overlooking the beach and the indoor ice rink they have there. It was so cool to be able to sit on the balcony and look out at the sea or watch the ice show they had going below. The first night we were there was New Year's Eve and we couldn't believe how many people there were! Every time I've been to OC in December or January it's completely dead with everything closed up for the winter. But I guess New Year's is a really popular time to go considering that our hotel and many others were completely full and a good portion of the boardwalk down by the Inlet was up and running.

We skated and swam and drank and played games, celebrating the brand new year ahead the only way we know how - with family and friends and lots of laughter. This New Year's was definitely one I will not forget - popping champagne on the beach, watching fireworks, and returning to a hotel full of people cheering and celebrating on their balconies long after the ball in Times Square had dropped.

(Huge thanks to my mother-in-law, Kathy, for the idea and for booking such an awesome weekend.)

Here's to a bright 2016!


  1. I absolutely love the carousel!! We have stayed there so many times, it reminds me of countless memories. I am so glad that you were able to have a fun, relaxing weekend, you truly deserved it!

    1. It was a great hotel! I hope we get to stay there again! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy happy new year! Here's to a 2016 full of more of your great blog posts!

  3. So much fun! and I am still drooling over those thrashers fries! I definitely need to make it a priority to get to OC this summer!

  4. I've only been to OC for 1 half day.. Seems there's way more to see. Gotta plan to go back!
    Sounds like a great start of the New Year for the two of you! Hope you have an amazing 2016!