Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dear Mikey,

One week ago today we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. We were in Iceland, staying in a cozy little inn by the sea, eating the freshest seafood, hiking some of the most beautiful terrain in the world, and we had literally danced under the northern lights and a sky full of stars the night before. To me, that day was a high point in our lives. One of the highest, in my opinion. In that instant, not much could beat what we were experiencing and life truly could not have felt more perfect. 

But as you know, life isn’t full of moments like those. Life is messy and challenging and scary and downright depressing at times. Now we’re back in the states where our days are no longer filled with waterfalls and glaciers but bills, laundry, basement renovations, dog drool, and grocery shopping instead. Real life smacked us in the face the minute we stepped off that plane, where we found ourselves overwhelmed with jam-packed schedules and endless work emails. 

Now that we've got our feet back on the ground, it would be easy to assume that the spark we found in Iceland will be lost. Or that we'll never be as happy as we were there. Or that the pressures of the much less glamorous daily grind will begin to wear on us, and our marriage, before long.

The funny thing is though, this vacation has helped me realize that despite all of that, there is no one else I would rather do life with than you. Whether on a spectacular vacation or trudging through the monotony, there is no one else I would want by my side. Yes, Iceland was fabulous. Anyone who has ever been there knows this. Yet, there can be no replacement for your company and support in the smaller, simpler, or even rockier moments of life. 

There is no one I would rather argue with or clean up after or kiss goodnight or shield my ears from when the Eagles are playing on Sunday. It doesn't matter how many times we push each other away when we're frustrated or speak words we wish we'd swallowed. No matter what rough seas or bright days we encounter, it will always be you, babe. 

So, Mikey, in honor of our anniversary and the adventures we've had and still have ahead, I found this quote that perfectly captures my sentiments four years after the day we said "I do." 

Thank you for the kind of love that endures tiny apartments, ancient appliances, dream chasing, nervous breakdowns, endless messes, missed sleep, losses, gains, and everything in between. Doing life by your side is the best choice I make every day.

Life may not always be as adventurous as a week in Iceland, but it is an adventure nonetheless. Happy 4th Anniversary. I love you to the moon and back.



  1. So many tears reading this. The both of you deserve that amazing trip to Iceland more than anyone else. The two of you have had some rough times and those great moments of dancing and exploring will stay with you forever. Life may get so hard, but having a partner that fills you up makes it all that much better and easier. Love you both so much! Happy 4 years and 1 week! xoxo

  2. Thank you for that wonderful post :)....I love you and you mean the world to me!!!! 4 years down and a million to go. For now, Paris and belgium here we come!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for that wonderful post :)....I love you and you mean the world to me!!!! 4 years down and a million to go. For now, Paris and belgium here we come!!!!!!