Saturday, December 31, 2016


There are so many words that I considered to represent the goals and ideas I have for the upcoming year, but no other word seemed to fit quite as well as simplify.

I'm sure over the past few years you've seen bloggers and friends choosing a word as their mantra for the upcoming new year. To me, it makes perfect sense. It's much easier to focus my attention on a single word than a list of goals that I'm bound to forget half way through January. As a natural list maker, I've always been drawn to resolutions, but I, like everyone else, fail to uphold them. Choosing a single word to guide the next 365 days makes the notion of change so much, well, simpler.


In stark contrast to previous years, my plans for 2017 aren't extensive. I have but a single goal - to simplify my life.

We laid some of the groundwork for this in 2016, but since I didn't choose a word last year, I'm hoping to gain more momentum and focus with simplifying our lives in 2017. And it applies to everything.

Our house. Our possessions. Our habits. Our meals. Our schedules. All of it.

Over the course of the last few months, we've fallen a little bit in love with the idea of minimalism, and while you won't see us living out of a backpack or buying any ultra modern furniture anytime soon, we feel that the backbone of minimalism falls in line with our goals and the lifestyle we desire.

It's not necessarily just about having less stuff.

It's about having more time and energy for the people we love. It's about stopping the vicious cycle of materialism and consumerism so that we can see the real value in the things we have. It's about eating real food and knowing what we're using to fuel our bodies. It's about stopping the glorification of busy and incorporating more focus into our lives. It's about slowing down and being more intentional with our time to eliminate unnecessary stress and the superficial boundaries we impose on ourselves.

But for me, it's mostly about happiness and I think we could all use a little more of that.

"I make myself rich by making my wants few."
-Henry David Thoreau


  1. I LOVE THIS WORD!! This is such a perfect post on how to bring calmness into your life. You and Annie are so inspiring with your new found love of minimalism, it really makes me want to do the same.

    1. She has inspired me so much this year! It's infectious! haha :)

  2. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago when I was trying to figure out what to name my blog. I ended up with Living a Life Imagined, so you can see how I found yours. :) Anyway, I came back to your blog today and saw this post - I love it!

    I especially love this - "It's about stopping the glorification of busy and incorporating more focus into our lives." This is so true - we do glorify or glamorize being busy over being calm and focused. But the longer I live, the more I realize the value in slowing down. In enjoying that calm, and staying focused. So good luck to you in your journey of simplicity!