Here is my 101 in 1001! Look for links to the blog posts that correspond to each task!

Start Date: October 18, 2013
End Date: July 15, 2016

For the Home

1. Put in a garden space (completed 6/20/14)
2. Build a "salad table
3. Landscape the front and back yard
4. Install a fire pit (completed 7/16/14)
5. Re-pave the driveway
6. Buy a hammock (completed 1/16/14)
7. Design and start finishing the basement
8. Create an art gallery wall
9. Prepare an emergency kit
10. Get some house plants and keep them alive! (completed 11/6/15)
11. Organize the hall closets (0/2)
12. Organize the pantry
13. Finish decorating living room
14. Finish decorating dining room
15. Meet with a financial advisor to plan for future

Mind, Body, & Soul
16. Find a good yoga practice and stick with it
17. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for a week (completed 3/6/14)
18. Buy a bike and use it
19. Run a 5k (completed 4/30/14)
20. Get my mile time under 10 minutes
21. Get a massage (completed 1/6/15)
22. Create a meditation space at home
23. Go to church every Sunday for at least a month (completed 11/30/14)
24. Write down 3 things I’m grateful for every night for a month
25. Do yoga every morning for a week
26. Try Zumba

Adventure & Travel
27. Hike part of the Appalachian trail (completed 11/6/15)
28. Visit my sloth babies in Costa Rica
29. Take another cruise
30. Stay in the tree houses in Washington State (completed 7/1/14)
31. Finally see the White House
32. Take a week in the Whittaker Maine cottage (completed 7/23/13)
33. Camp in our own back yard (completed 9/25/14)
34. Get a stamp on my passport (completed 08/15/15)
35. Ride in a hot air balloon
36. Go to a drive-in movie theater (completed 7/11/14)
37. See a Broadway show
38. Be a tourist in my own city (Annapolis)
39. Be a tourist in my own city (Baltimore)

40. Learn to knit
41. Learn to use a sewing machine
42. Make coasters for the living room
43. Make a centerpiece for the dining room table
44. Use natural dyes to color Easter eggs
45. Frame a large map to track our travels

Foodie Adventures
46. Learn to make sushi
47. Make crème brulee
48. Make homemade pizza from scratch (completed 1/27/15)
49. Make homemade bread from scratch (completed 1/27/15)
50. Make homemade pasta from scratch
51. Make homemade jam
52. Grow a vegetable garden (completed 6/20/14)
53. Grow an herb garden
54. Make every single thing in a cookbook
55. Learn to can
56. Try Indian food (completed 08/20/15)
57. Try 10 new foods (0/10)
58. Organize recipes
59. Pack a lunch for work every day for 4 weeks
60. Visit 10 new wineries in Maryland (4/10)
61. Design a “Food Passport” with at least 50 trendy new places to eat in the area (completed 10/21/13)

Art & Photography
62. Learn to use my DSLR in “manual”
63. See Monet's Nymphéas in Paris (completed 10/29/15)

64. Buy and frame a nice piece of art
65. Sort through and organize all digital photos
66. Back up photos on external hard drive
67. Frame 5 of my own photos (0/5)
68. Make a yearly photo book (1/2)

Just For Me
69. Go back for my master’s degree (completed 4/9/14)
70. Find the perfect Little Black Dress (completed 9/30/14)
71. Successfully French braid my own hair (completed 8/5/14)
72. Get my second tattoo
73. Take a girl's trip to Charleston, SC
74. Go ice skating outdoors
75. Take classes to learn American sign language
76. Learn to shoot a handgun
77. Learn to drive stick (completed 1/28/14)
78. Buy a new alarm clock
79. Be able to get up consistently at 7:00AM for a week
80. Start and finish at least the first Harry Potter book
81. Clean out my closet and donate everything that doesn’t fit (completed 11/6/15)

For Others
82. Donate blood for the first time (completed 1/8/15)
83. Adopt a family for Christmas (completed 12/8/15)
84. Leave a 100% tip
85. Do a run/walk for charity (completed 8/5/14)
86. Send someone flowers for no particular reason
87. Volunteer with a community group (completed 6/18/14)
88. Make a treat for my co-workers
89. Pay for the person behind me in a Starbucks drive-thru (completed 6/27/14)
90. Send 10 hand written letters to people I care about (0/10)

Go without
91. Eating out for at least two weeks
92. TV for a month
93. Checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a week (completed 3/18/14)

Just for Fun
94. Spend a rainy day watching nothing but home movies (completed 9/1/15)
95. Join a Baltimore Social league
96. Have a bonfire (completed 7/16/14)
97. Adopt a puppy
98. Ride Gifted with my Mama
99. Listen to the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (500/500) (completed 1/2/14)
100. Read 30 new books on my GoodReads List (17/30)
101. Complete this list and blog about each task


  1. I love this!! I want to make one for me!!

    1. You totally should! It's been so much fun!